Money is needed to get the exhibition on its way: to make prints, take care of mounting, framing and cases for transport. Alltogether an estimated US$ 8,500.00. Click here for the estimate.
mock-up-sailCrowdfunding is the way to raise the desired amount.
*money will be used for the exhibition, NOT for sailing!

Sponsors will receive a handbound artjournal with examples from the photographs, the text of the blog (log entries, happenings and anecdotes of the journey) where possible enriched with ‘things’ from the places en route.
*Please find similar books from other projects as an example here.

Sponsoring with receiving the artjournal requires a minimum amount of US$ 30.00 / € 22, 50 incl. postage.
* There is a possibility to sponsor in US$ or in Euros

* One easy way for Dutch citizens is to transfer by bank to ING bank acc#463713 the amount of € 22,50 per book or the amount you would like to sponsor.

GoFundMe* Another easy option is via, this is the page url:

*please note this is all relatively new to me, so if there are any problems at all, do let me know.

entrance to the river Scheldt, near Breskens, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (NL)

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 december 3rd, 2013  

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