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2014 from Januari 28 – March 29.
from Simon’s Town (South Africa) – Walvis Bay (Namibia) – Saint Helena – Fernando de Noronha – Fortaleza (Brazil)
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2015 from half April – half July
starts in Sint Maarten (Caribbean)- Bermuda – Azores – Europe
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Handbound Book
‘Around the world in 80 Pages’. A special publication bound in an actual piece of sail from sy-Gemini, with many topics about the Oceans, history and environment.

Click here for examples; you can follow much of the research for these on Pinterest.

Eventually it all ends up in a worldwide traveling exhibition of which you can see some examples on Behance.

We have taken our time and visited many interesting places on our way. The first part (2014) deals with the history and discovery of the South Atlantic around 1600. The second voyage (2015) will focus on oceanlife, the North Atlantic and the future.
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waterposter242x450On this page you can read all about:

– the project
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– why water?
– the exhibition

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quotes on water
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I would like to visualise ‘WATER’ in a broad sense.

I am doing so while joining my brother for a time on his sailing voyage ( / around the world. The stretch we have chosen is from Capetown (SA) to Fortaleza (Brazil) in 2014 and in 2015 from the Caribbean to the Netherlands.

During these two voyages I am photographing the ocean and sky and use these for making about 40 large artworks using different techniques.

Together these works will form a traveling exhibition: art with a message: to make people aware of what we have got and what we should preserve.


diary / blog:

From this site you will be able to follow me from day to day on this voyage.
Of course when she is away from the coast, it is not easy to maintain a connection. I will add photographs whenever I can: snapshots from life onboard and a glimpse or preview of the art I would like to make.

We have departed in 2014 from Capetown (SA) 28th of January, following the coast north for a while along the shores of Namibia, we crossed the ocean to St. Helena (tiny island where Napoleon was kept for the last years of his life) and sailed on to Brazil via Fernando de Noronha to Fortaleza.

It is not a race, we don’t have to arrive somewhere on a specific date, other boats may join for parts of the trip, but mainly what we will see is WATER. Water and sky and from the times I have joined my brother earlier (he’s the sailor -not me!) the views will be impressive and sometimes spectacular.


Why Water?

Air and water are the most important life-givers. They are so present in our everyday life, that we hardly notice. Where are they more present than on a vast, wide open ocean?
The proposed artworks are not location specific but want to communicate the feeling and importance and show the beauty.
Something to cherish, without wanting to moralise. Positive and emphasising its importance.
Interesting for sailors as well as for people with an open mind for art.



These artworks, approx. 40 and with sizes up to 70x120cm., will together form a perfect traveling exhibition. And well-packed in flight cases they could go anywhere. When you look at the number of organisations and institutions dealing with WATER, it is enormous. I am sure there will be interest and this exhibition can be linked to special events or conferences.

La Mere -Robert Schilder
 november 15th, 2014  

17 Responses to an Art project

  1. Hallo Robert,

    Wat een reis! En wat een herinneringen!

    groeten van je zus, Tineke

  2. Wunderschöne Bilder Robert und ein sehr interessantes, wenn auch anstrengendes Projekt! Bin sehr neugierig auf Deine weiteren Aktivitäten, nur so weiter. Wünsche Dir viel Erfolg!

  3. Hans de Boer

    Een fraai voornemen…..water en lucht zijn altijd in beweging en nooit hetzelfde.

    Een groet aan de skipper !!

  4. Janneke Kramer

    Warm en geweldig project!

  5. Friso den Hertog

    Behouden vaart ouwe Turk!

  6. Ton Cremers

    Succes. Mocht je de witte walvis tegenkomen, dan graag een foto. Groet kapitein Frans Achab!

  7. Jackelien Roozenburg

    bon voyage! Wat een prachtig project!

  8. Veel succes met dit prachtige project.

  9. Harry Berk

    Geweldig en avontuurlijk idee (zoals kunst ook hoort te zijn).
    Inspirerend, monnikenwerk, vakwerk, creatief, adaptief, en improviserend tegelijkertijd.
    Dus go with the flow, maar wees niet helemaal gone with the wind. Kom safe and sound terug.
    Ga jullie volgen in dit project!

  10. I think this is an awesome project and I can’t wait to see the beautiful images you will capture. All the best for this venture and be safe!

    Kunal. (INDIA),

  11. Brilliant Idea.. Shoot it all. I love the image sample of the clam shell so large on the beach image

    I cannot wait to see what you do with the treasures you shoot on your trip.
    I look forward to hearing from you during the process if you are able..

    May the winds be steady and your trip be safe and secure…

    lots of love and success

    ( US – CAN)

  12. wooow….coool….!!!

    Heel veel succes en mooie inspiratie, kom safe weer naar huis met een geweldige collectie. !
    Ahoy in perspectief.!!

  13. Good luck with your travel and your project!


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